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JackieO‘ Pilsner

Our first collaboration was with our friends Michalis and Carsten, owners of the quintessential beach club and restaurant in Mykonos, JackieO’ Beach, as well as their original classic JackieO’ Bar-Mykonos in town.
We met up in 2018 and we immediately hit it off.
You see, brewing craft beer in Greece is challenging because Greeks don’t drink a lot of beer in general.
This is why Greek craft beer is still on the fringe of pop culture, from where it is gaining momentum and steadily rising.
Michalis and Carsten embraced our vision from day one.
They were accepting of our multifarious nature and inquisitive minds, supporters of our cause and allies to our craft beer revolution.
We were ecstatic to find a group of like-minded people that embraced our vision from day one.
After trialling many different ingredients, techniques and recipes we dialled it down.
The first beer we created with our friends at JackieO’ is a Pilsner with candy cane sweetness, slight bitterness, a full-body and a charming, feisty character.

Ingredients:  Barley malt, Wheat malt, Hops, Budejovice Pilsner yeast, Water