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Barrel Aged 2019 Red Saison

Two years after starting our experimentations with beer and wine-barrel ageing, it was time for us to go back on our drawing board.
We decided to focus on resonance, by brewing a beer with similar characteristics to the wine that used to occupy the barrel.
As we knew we wanted to continue exploring the tannic red wine spectrum we felt there was no other way other than brewing a deep-red Saison since it shared matching flavours with the indigenous Greek grape variety, Agiorgítiko.
We chose the Agiorgítiko since it is one of Greece's oldest grape varieties and it is extensively and successfully used in the local viticulture that results in a wine with a rich body and deep aromas.
Moreover, as we wanted to resume ageing the beer in barrels that had two different types of wine, we decided the sister of the Agiorgítiko ageing should be something compatible, yet different.
That’s why we decided to try out Vinsanto.
Vinsanto is the most celebrated dessert wine from Santorini.
It is vinified with Peloponnese grape varietals and sun-dried under the Aegean sun through the unique Vinsanto technique.
The overpowering sweetness of the wine finds a marvellous match on the caramel, dry canvas of our Red Saison.
We proudly present you with our 2019 Barrel Aged Red Saison on Agiorgítiko and Vinsanto.
It was released in February 2020, in a limited number of bottles only on the island of Mykonos.

Ingredients:  Wheat malt, Barley malt, Hops, Ardennes yeast, Water