This Ancient Giant is more than 2,000 years old.

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Core Series

Our steady-rolling, year-round selection of beers.
A diverse composition of styles brewed to fit all occasions.
Proudly born in Mykonos, they are always available on market shelves, bar taps, and restaurant tables around the island.


Barrel Aged Series

Our vintage series. Small batches brewed once a year and available only in Mykonos.
Innovative, experimental and strong, these ales aged for at least 6 months in wooden barrels which previously contained Greek wine or Greek spirits.
Each year these vintages are unique, rare and released in a limited number of bottles in the brewery.


Collaboration Series

Beer is designed for friends to enjoy but also to brew together.
Every now and then we venture out of our comfort zone and team up with our beer-loving peers, to make custom-made brews for selected venues around Mykonos (and beyond).
These brews are to be tasted exclusively at the places they are created for, and of course, our brewery taproom.